Exploring Alternatives to Capitalism

Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk

Once you decide that this capitalism thing isn't going that well for you, then what? Where do you now invest your energy to do things differently, for different results? I am still figuring out my own personal life, so I won't be fixing onehandedly the universe BUT I can have something to focus on that is bigger than me for those times when working on myself seems to be going nowhere or I want to have a change of perspective or pace. These are topics I ponder: I bring it up to my mind and go over what I think I know about it. Then I either decide to look into it further, or to look at something else. It's like a brain bleach bath, it helps me step out from my navel gazing when I am too hyperfocused.

Mutual Aid

According to Wikipedia:

"In organization theory, mutual aid is a voluntary reciprocal exchange of resources and services for mutual benefit. Mutual aid projects can be a form of political participation in which people take responsibility for caring for one another and changing political conditions.

Mutual aid has been used to provide people with food, medical care, and supplies, as well as provide relief from disasters, such as natural disasters and pandemics."

SImilarly: Cooperativism, Reciprocal Altruism, Gift Economy, Symbiosis, Socialism, Communism

I believe in mutual aid in theory and I am looking back at when I've seen mutual aid in action to bring it into my future life. As a person with specific patterns in the way I relate to others, it is in my best interest to not try to force a Mutual Aid situation where there is only interest in receiving, so instead of me jumping in to provide Aid in a situation, I am observing first.

In volunteering there is a known effect that sometimes our efforts to help a community actually hinder it, much in the way that observing a natural phenomenon where the subject is aware of themselves being observed can change the behavior that is being collected. That to say, I have moved into a new neighborhood and before I go all masked crusader to try and improve everyone's lives in an attempt to feel better in my own, I need to observe what is already being done and by whom, and how effective it is. There is a lot of programming that goes into this desire for justice and equality in me, and I need to make sure that I am honoring myself in the pursuit of this. Also, that I am putting my energy in the direction where it will have the most impact. I do like to get a big bang for my buck.